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Speeches,Presentations,& Guest Spots

Hire me to Inspire your Guests/Listeners. 

I'm available for speaking engagements and guest spots. Inquire for details.

In this session, Leah Welborn shares her journey out of depression and self-loathing by building a

"SOUL-LIT" (rather than a diet) that keeps her aligned with the energy of the universe — something she believes is a key to lasting happiness.

Remember the old ad campaign, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"? It takes on a whole new meaning when considered in light of the body's neural superhighway, the vagus nerve. Dubbed "vagus" in Latin because it seemed to early physicians to be nothing more than a "vagrant" wandering around the body touching everything, we now know it's more of a scorekeeper, registering trauma and storing it in the body, releasing it in unexpected bursts when triggered by (often seemingly unrelated) stimuli. In this presentation, Leah Welborn briefly outlines the function of the vagus nerve and discusses some of the unpleasant side effects we experience when it's unregulated.

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