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I'm Leah Welborn.

After decades of depression & undiagnosed autism, I'm living a joyful, empowered, & magical life.

You can too, and I'd like to help.


Leah Welborn is a neurodivergent Reiki healer, writer, public speaker, and self-love sourceress. As the "Mystic Autistic," she empowers people to rid themselves of energetic gunk so that they can get back to the Source of all that's good and true - their real, Magical Selves. 

A born quester, Leah took the long route to joy - often searching in very wrong places. Along the way, she earned a BA in English Literature and Master's Degrees in Creative Writing and Art History and lived in Texas, California, and Colorado.

After 40 years of struggling with anxiety and depression, in 2020 her life restarted with a jolt of grace and she hasn't looked back except when alchemizing her trauma. When she was diagnosed with autism in 2022, her mission became clear - she's here to help people (especially the neurodiverse) get clarity and peace so that they can live the joyful lives they deserve. 

A trained Reiki healer, habit coach, and yoga teacher, Leah's passion is getting closer to Source, and her mission is to help you "Empower Your Magical Self," and to that end, Leah has a podcast and Reiki studio with that name. 

My 2022 diagnosis as autistic was a pivotal moment in my life, and one that led to a much greater understanding - and love - of myself. (read more)

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How the Pandemic Saved My Life

At the onset of COVID, I was preparing to end my life. The pandemic gave me the room I didn't know I needed to save myself. 

It's wild to read this and remember that I wrote this about a year before I was diagnosed with autism.(read more)

I Understand Why People Have Never Liked Me

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Happy 3rd (re)Birthday to Me! 

In 2019, I made a plan to end my life in June of 2020. It's been three years since fate foiled my plan.

(read more) 

13 Ways of Looking at a Sweaty Life

I (DON’T) Wanna Hold Your Hand. Ever. Though mandatory hand-holding became less frequent after elementary school, I found that life — both public and private — was full of “touching” expectations that I feared and that filled me with shame. Filling out forms on paper was difficult if not impossible — the ink smeared and the paper tore as I became more and more nervous and thus even sweatier in an endless feedback loop. (read more)

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Whatever the reason, my father found me unacceptable and made that known to me when I was quite young. (read more)

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Wanna work with me? I have limited availability for spiritual/energy consultations & mentoring.

Email me & let me know what you're looking for. 

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