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Being at this writing 50 years old, and being in righter mind than I’ve ever been, I, Leah Welborn, do affirm this to be my trifold manifesto — an accounting of what all’s made me who I am, what I know to be true, and what I am manifesting in the world.

This is what’s made me:

  • Animals, particularly cats and dogs, have always been my closest friends and I’ve always felt understood and included by them in a way I rarely have by humans.

  • I was born a spiritual seeker, investigating every possible way to capture that fleeting flutter in my soul I felt when I was really tuned in to spirit and my soul. Still though, I was never really happy, not truly happy, until I committed myself fully to seeking joy, no matter what it took, in 2020.

  • I’m a leftie in most every sense of the word, and I’m very short (5 ft tall). I know that those physical realities have informed my mindset, as have the facts that I developed very early (I had the body of a buxom woman at 9 years old), and that I’m an only child.

  • My mother loves me and is supportive of my endeavors, though we’ve often misunderstood one another, and I’ve often made her life very difficult. Our mutual love is the foundation of my life.

  • My father was abusive and mentally ill and it took years for my mother to build the confidence to remove him from our lives. That’s made a lasting impact on me that’s difficult to overstate.

  • From Kindergarten through the time I dropped out of high school in my junior year, I learned three things at public school:

  • 1.) children are quite often cruel and untrustworthy

  • 2.) teachers quite often have no idea what they’re talking about and yet are cruelly insistent that they do

  • 3.) how to type. All of those lessons were hard-won and valuable.

  • I am autistic and that is central to my being and to my understanding of the world, even though I wasn’t diagnosed until 2021. This self-knowledge has helped me to understand the lessons behind my terrible childhood and difficulties throughout life, and I’m utterly grateful for it.

  • I’m a fire sign through and through: my sun sign is Sagittarius, and both my moon and rising signs are Aries. It took me a long time to deal with that much heat, and I still have to remember to cool down.

  • History, especially ancient history, is my jam. I love it. I’m obsessive about the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his love affair with the young man who drowned in the Nile. I can watch archeology documentaries endlessly and be deliriously happy.

  • I am largely a product of the women in my life — the one who raised me, the dear friends I’ve loved, and the TalisWomen who influenced my spirit.

This is my knowledge of the world:

  • Everything is energy. What appears to be matter is only energy moving very slowly. We only see a small part of the spectrum that is “reality.” Even our pets are aware of more than we are. Therefore, we have extremely limited knowledge as humans and the more readily we accept that, the better off we are.

  • Humanity has outpaced itself. For 95% of our existence, we were successful hunter-gatherers. We’re not well-adjusted to the world we’ve created — that’s not a judgment on modernity, just how things are — and that’s the source of the bulk of our problems.

  • Every individual’s perspective is the sum of their experiences in this & in past lives, plus their DNA. Each individual’s world is so absolutely unique that we can never completely understand one another. Thus we are obliged to endeavor to hold space for one another, regardless of lack of understanding.

  • Unfettered capitalism encourages evil, as does unfettered patriarchy, as does monotheism (I see all three as expressions of the same shadow).

  • I am the sovereign of my life although forces are constantly at work to make me forget that.

  • The country where I was born, the United States, was founded on genocide. The metaphorical chickens are coming home to roost as the population isolates itself behind shields of hate and fear. Like it or not, I’m living now in this time, as are most of you reading this.

  • White privilege is real, and I’ve benefitted from it even though I grew up lower-middle class.

  • Every person has a dharma, a mission, a purpose for being on earth. If they don’t find it in this lifetime, they’ll find it eventually. Thus, again, compassion is indicated.

These beliefs are in large part a reckoning of my truth. Though the entirety of my truth is not represented here, what is presented is — at the moment of writing — true. I reserve the right to evolve. Always.

This is what I am manifesting:

  • Empower Your Magical Self. This is my mission. This is my dharma. Most everything I create now falls under this rubric in all its meanings. I saved my life and found joy by empowering my magical self, and now I want to help everyone do that. I’m writing a book of the name that builds on my writing about empowering my magical self here on Medium. I have a podcast with the name, where I talk with the people who helped me empower myself when I was in mental hell.



This is the energy exchange that I’m here for (as in here on the planet for). I am giving this work to the world in any and every way I can because I know it will help people. I know it will save someone. In exchange, I know that the world will support me with money and opportunities. In the words of the great Toni Jones (who was my first podcast interview), “I’m just going to let go and see how good God and God’s Children can make life for me.”

My podcast, Empower Your Magical Self, on YouTube (Episode 1 with Toni Jones)

  • A romantic partnership that’s full of love, fun, mutual respect, and healing. I’ve been alone a long, long time, and I’ve completely changed my life. I know myself intimately, and I’m deeply happy with who I am, as well as with the person I’m becoming. I have so much to share, so much to offer, and though I’m absolutely fine alone, I’m ready to be in a relationship with someone who knows my worth as well as their own. I know I’m seeking a very specific person, and I know it will happen. I’m patient.

  • Deep and abiding joy that oozes like honey through every aspect of my life and drips onto everyone I encounter, no matter their circumstances.

And so it is, and so it shall be.


I'm Leah Welborn.

After decades of depression & undiagnosed autism, I'm living a joyful, empowered, & magical life.

You can too, and I'd like to help.


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Wanna work with me? I have limited availability for spiritual/energy consultations & mentoring.

Email me & let me know what you're looking for. 

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