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It brings me great joy to  offer in-person Reiki to those in the Denver area, and distance Reiki to those around the world. My Reiki studio is located in Aurora, Colorado, near the intersection of Iliff and Peoria (80014).

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So, What IS Reiki? Tell Me Like I’m 9

Everything is, as you may know, energy. You, me, the internet, the earth — all energy moving at different speeds/frequencies.

Reiki is healing energy. It can never be bad or used for ill because it simply is pure healing energy.

One becomes a Reiki healer by learning Reiki from a Master, and classes consist of learning to tune into that specific channel (like a radio station) of energy and transmit it to the being on whom you’re working.

You may hear that Reiki was “invented” by a Japanese gentleman named Usui who lived from 1865–1926, but that’s not correct. Master Usui “invented” reiki in the same way Ben Franklin “invented” electricity; he didn’t. Both men “discovered” the respective energies they mastered. Reiki, like electricity, was always there. Usui himself said Reiki had been handed down from Master to student for 18,000 years.

So he definitely didn’t “invent” it.

A Reiki session is conducted with the client/patient lying on a table, fully clothed (Reiki is not nakey), while the practitioner moves around the table, sensing and manipulating the energy.

Those are the Reiki (very very very) basics.

As my Reiki Master says, simple, but not easy.

Ready to book a session with me? 

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