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Empower Your Magical  Self

Empower Your Magical Self is the result of 46 years of earnest experimentation in the art of wrongness combined with 3 years of intensive research and effortful alignment with rightness.  

This project distills it all into an easy-to-read guidebook for the readers’ personal quest for joy.

Purple Glow

In 2020, in the midst of  yet another suicidal depression, I made the choice to save my life once and for all.

Once I'd made that commitment, I had to figure out how to live joyfully - how to be happy for the first time in my life. 


Since then, I've made profound changes & discoveries that have led to deep happiness that I didn't think was possible for me.


Now it's my mission, my dharma, to help other people empower themselves by developing their innate magic. 

To that end, please check out the stories below, and use what resonates for you.


Check back often for new stories. 

Wanna Empower Your Magical Self? Start here. 

It all starts with mindset. Figure out how to love yourself madly and what makes your soul joyful. The rest is gravy. 

Egos get a bad rap. Your ego's NOT your enemy. It's trying to protect you, but it's simply not that bright. Make it work the way you want it to.

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You know about "fight or flight"...but do you know about "rest & digest"? It's the place to be, Baby! 

Having drawers (or even closets) filled with junk you dread going through is bad enough. Having a brain full is even worse. 

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