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I'm Leah Welborn.

After decades of depression & undiagnosed autism, I'm living a joyful, empowered, & magical life.

You can too, and I'd like to help.


About Me

The first thing that I knew about myself was that I was a writer. My earliest memories are of copying letters from a printed alphabet template into my Big Chief pad of pulpy paper. I couldn’t break the code, and it was exasperating. Why would some combinations of marks carry with them meaning when others wouldn’t? Painstakingly, with my jumbo pencil gripped in my sweaty little left hand, I’d recreate the letters, crammed together in whimsical combinations, one small child’s search for meaning.

(read more...)

The Joys of Being a HomeBaddie

Growing up, I was profoundly uncomfortable. There are many reasons for that, but suffice it to say I’d bought the lie that I was an unlikeable mess who was more trouble than I was worth. I wanted to escape myself and my pain...(read more)

My 2022 diagnosis as autistic was a pivotal moment in my life, and one that led to a much greater understanding - and love - of myself. (read more)

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Finding Peace on the Spectrum

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How the Pandemic Saved My Life

At the onset of COVID, I was preparing to end my life. The pandemic gave me the room I didn't know I needed to save myself. 

It's wild to read this and remember that I wrote this about a year before I was diagnosed with autism.(read more)


Wanna work with me? I have limited availability for spiritual/energy consultations & mentoring.

Email me & let me know what you're looking for. 

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