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Tapping to Improve Your Life

Have you heard of tapping? It’s one of those mysterious things that science doesn’t quite understand yet, and it’s akin to acupressure.

It’s deceptively simple, and it’s been useful in treating most everything — literally.

First, write a script with this formula:

“Even though (insert thing that’s bugging you), I completely love & accept myself.” You can just stick with that one phrase, or you can generate a whole list of phrases with that formula.

Then you tap, with the fingertips of one or both hands, at the following body points and repeat the phrase(s), one at each point:

  • crown

  • third eye

  • temples

  • under eyes

  • upper lip

  • chin

  • clavicles

  • side

  • karate chop

And that’s it! Just continue the series until the symptoms begin to lessen. As you can see, it certainly can’t hurt you!

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