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Most of my recent writing is at, behind a paywall. 

Each week, I'll be featuring one of my favorite stories here along with a free link.

If you'd like to subscribe to Medium to read thousands of stories (not just mine!) for $5 a month, click below. 

Free Story of the Week

Polyvagal Theory 101! 

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I'm Leah, a writer, certified habit coach, and public speaker. 

I help spiritual & creative women empower themselves.

Welcome to my page. 


My spiritual coaching & mentoring are available for women

(& folx who identify as women). 

My work focuses on spiritual self-empowerment using:

  • meditation

  • breath work

  • myth & metaphor

  • tapping

  • affirmations

  • good habits

,,,and other modalities to achieve radical self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. 

I'll gladly accept a tip for my creative work!

Just click the link below.

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Wanna talk? I'd love to hear from you, so write me a nice note. 

Thank you!

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