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I'm Leah, the Mystic Autistic

I'm a neurospicy writer,

self-love witch, and public speaker. 

I help spiritual & creative and/or neurodivergent people empower themselves.


Welcome to my page. 

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Ice Texture

Winter Blues? 

It's natural to want to hibernate rather than celebrate during the darkest time of the year. Need a little help protecting your energy?

I created a booklet for that! Venmo me $10 and let me know your email addy and I'll send you a PDF copy.   

Need a fun & inspirational speaker for your next event? 

 I'm available for worldwide events virtually or Denver-area events in real life. 

I'll gladly accept a tip for my creative work!

Just click the link below.

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Wanna talk? I'd love to hear from you, so write me a nice note. 

Thank you!

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