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Please support my efforts to become a Reiki Master and Metaphysical Minister

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Help me reach my goal of raising $950, please! 

My autism diagnosis has been a wonderful thing. Does that surprise you?

It's helped me understand myself better and empowered me to show up fully as myself in the world, regardless of the (many) obstacles that I encounter as a neurodivergent woman.

Since my diagnosis, I've learned methods and techniques that enable me to better manage my nervous system and to embrace the sacredness of neurodiversity.

That's why I'm in training to become a Reiki Master, and why I want to become an ordained Metaphysical Minister this year. I know that I can help other neurodivergent people become more comfortable with themselves through Reiki and a metaphysical ministry that caters to the neurodivergent.

I simply need this training to further my work. 

I'm trying to raise $950...can you help?

Thank you! 


Not really sure what Reiki is? Read on! 

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