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Get Down and Elevate Your Mood: Eight high-vibe musical artists people should know

Doyou like good music (I hope you read that in Arthur Conley’s voice!)?

It’s a trick question, I know. Everybody likes good music, and everybody has a different idea about what constitutes good music.

Like a lot of people, I LOVE music and I’m pretty specific about what “good music” means to me. For the purpose of this discussion, I’m gonna define it as “high-vibe music.”

What is “High Vibe Music”?

Here’s one definition, but I don’t think it’s complete.

“High Vibe music is a genre of music that is designed to uplift and inspire. It is often characterized by positive, upbeat melodies and lyrics that focus on themes of joy, love, and positivity. It often incorporates elements of other genres such as pop, rock, and electronic music. The goal of High Vibe music is to create a feeling of joy and positivity in the listener.”

I might add that, to my mind, it’s not generally something you’d think of playing while you get a massage or try to sleep.

It’s also not corny “love & light only” stuff that dwells in the space of spiritual bypassing and denying that a lot of life is sucky and that part of being spiritual is to go through the suck and try to make something of it, not to deny it.

Why Does it Matter?

Do you want to live on purpose? Do you want to have at least some control over what goes into your mind, body, and spirit rather than just swallow whatever is offered up to you? If your answer is yes, then getting yourself on a Soul-Lit is crucial.

A Soul-Lit is, simply put, intentional consumption. Protecting your energy. Making sure you don’t let things into your mental/emotional/physical space that don’t align with your intention (my intention is happiness and peace…what’s yours?).

Being on a strict Soul-Lit means only letting things into your life that light your soul on fire.

A Few of My Favorite High-Vibe Artists

There are a lot of really incredible artists out there who I’d never heard of until I began my quest for true happiness and soul alignment.

For the most part, they’re independent — which means they don’t answer to corporate money — and it also means they can be kind of hard to find. But when you change your algorithm, you change your life. When you look for good things, they start showing up on your radar.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite high-vibe artists.

The vibe: Toni is the Queen of inspirational affirmations. She was the first artist I heard in this genre and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Check out some of her tracks and really listen to her powerful lyrics. They can change your mood real quick.

The vibe: Big, campy, glam, woman power. So much fun that I was inspired to do a video of her “Rabbit Hole” track for the Year of the Rabbit (2023).

The Vibe: Rap priestess/cool woman. Lisa Bonet/ Zoe Kravitz realness.

Recommended Track: “Drip”

I’m obsessed with this song.

The Vibe: Fierce, powerful woman. This is the music I use to amp myself up when I feel a bit timid. This music is not timid. This is the music of the protector of the timid.

Recommended Track: “Manifestations”

There’s no way I don’t feel more powerful after I listen to this song. None.

The Vibe: Witchy American Girl Doll with Kelly Clarkson pipes. I was inspired to do a reel of her version of “All The Pretty Girls (Walk Like This).”

Recommended Track: “Good Good Energy”

If I had kids I’d teach them the lyrics to this song and we’d sing it as a family on the way to school.

The Vibe: Dreamy mystical princess. Sweet beach days with a nice fruity drink.

Recommended Track: “Sparkly”

The Vibe: Fun. Kinda puts me in mind of Will Smith back in the “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” days.

Recommended Track: “Wake Up”

The Vibe: Australian girl-next-door that makes you feel absolutely certain you’d be best friends with. I mean, I’m old enough to be her mom (quite easily), but still.

Recommended Track: “Energy”

This song is a whole mood. I love it.

That’s enough high-vibe music to get you started…Enjoy!

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